Stop it...Search it...Seize it...
Millions of Vehicles will pass you by
your career... Many of them
with criminal activity...Will you do
about it?
Trooper Greg Goltz
Compartments and
Other areas of
The searching of vehicles and items inside of vehicles is of
paramount  importance to officers in law enforcement. The search
of these areas result from many legal practices. Locating
contraband can be challenging with the sophistication that many
Criminal Organizations take advantage of.

Participants will learn of the incredible advanced concealment
places in land vehicles that smugglers and other people involved
in criminal activity hide the drugs, weapons and currency. This
course is of strictly concealment methods and the challenges
they bring to law enforcement.

After attending:
Each student attending will have been provided the instruction to:
•             Locating hidden contraband in very sophisticated             
•             Learn various ways hidden compartments can be located
•             See the inherent value to take legal searches to the legal
•             Learning the importance of a thorough search after
Probable Cause is revealed
•             Discovering magnets and  their value
•             Learning of areas even small-time users may hide small
amounts of contraband.
•             Learning how to bypass electrical compartments
•             Discovering  traps in Recreational Vehicles and Campers
•             Discovering  traps in other things hauled in or on

SCHEDULE to see When and Where
CRIMINALaddiction Inc. NOW
IS OFFERING a 2nd Course of
Instruction-  ALL CONCEALMENT!    
A Two Day course of nothing-but
Hidden Compartments is now offered
Length of Course:  2.0 Days
Instructor: Greg Goltz

Course Objectives: