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Greg Goltz is a 33 year veteran trooper.  He is the instructor for his agency in Criminal Interdiction/Patrolling and has instructed Criminal Interdiction/Patrolling to thousands of law enforcement officers and their agencies from all over the United States.  Greg is a veteran Police Service Dog handler, Firearms instructor and Team Leader for SWAT.  He also worked very successfully in undercover operations purchasing illegal drugs of all kinds.  While working in the Uniform Division he has seized millions of dollars in United States currency and literally thousands of pounds of contraband all while making normal traffic stops that he turned into Criminal Interdiction arrests.


While still employed as a LEO he created his own business known as CRIMINALaddiction Inc. and now travels all over the United States putting on seminars about these topics of: Interdiction, Search and Seizure, Basic Drug Investigtfigations, Concealment (advanced) and much more.  He is a declared Expert witness in both the State and Federal court systems and actively testifies about this subject matter.  He has received numerous awards for his Interdiction efforts and the training he provides, and currently has several “record size” seizures. He also has made presentations about this subject matter to several Governors. Greg is also responsible for very important case law that better enables officers to do this work including the now important United States v. Morgan, Walker, Jones.  and United States v. Felts.  

He still works the road and still actively pursues these criminals during his everyday
encounters.  He also still works with other officers who have had tremendous success using these techniques.  Join him, as he wants to spread his knowledge of catching “bad guys” and learn firsthand from individuals who are out there every day working the “ins and outs” of criminal interdiction.  

*  Learn the history of drug
saturation into the U.S. and how
the trends have shifted
*  Identifying legal  encounters
*  Identifying the conversational
questions and concealed
interviews during the encounter
*  Identifying suspicious
indicators of criminal activity
*  How to detect how some
terrorists cells are tied directly to
drug trafficking and how to curtail
*  Requesting consent legally
*  Identifying search and seizure
laws that are applicable and
taught unlike other instructors
(Taught so the student
understands and remembers)
* Properly using K-9's and the 
case law pertaining to their deployments
Documenting the arrests and 
seizures properly for the Prosecution success

 * Identify how to be more officer safety conscious
* How actual search techniques 
should escalate
*The most detailed training in 
locating sophisticated compartments
*How to locate, and defeat the
highly secret electrical compartments the smugglers use
*Learning how to locate the 
hidden contraband with skills and not a K-9 
*What legal procedures to follow 
after criminal activity is detected
*How controlled deliveries can 
develop into more arrests and asset forfeitures
*Identifying currency seizure 
procedures and how they benefit your agency and much, much more


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