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The Full Story

and CONCEALMENT -2 1/2 Days-

Course Objectives:

In this  TWO and  ONE HALF DAY  Course Students will see first hand howCriminal patrol techniques  can  yield large  and small drug and  other type arrests  from traffic stops and other legal contacts with people  of society regardless  of age, sex, race, gender or any other class or desig-
nation.  These students will learn about the growing number of drugs they may see in their area and how to battle them. The students will learn how to put these legal techniques into place with these  
types  of contacts after  completing the class.  Students  will  also   learn  of the incredible advanced  concealment  places  in land  vehicles  that smugglers and other  people involved with drugs hide the
drugs, weapons and currency.


After attending:
Each student attending will have been provided the instruction to:
•             Learn the History  of contraband saturation  into the U.S. and how over time the trends and patterns have shifted
•             Identify legal traffic stops
•             Identify  the  conversational  questions and concealed interviews during the encounter
•             Identifying indicators
•             Detect that some terrorists networks are tied to drugs and how to stop them
•             Requesting Consent legally
•             Identifying search and seizure laws especially search incident to arrest, probable cause,
consent and other legal techniques
•             Properly using K-9’s and the case law pertaining to their deployments
•             Identify how be more officer safety conscious
•             How actual search techniques should escalate
•             Locating hidden contraband in very sophisticated compartments
•             Identify Cover loads
•             What to do after criminal activity or contraband is located
•             Documenting  these arrests properly
•             How Controlled deliveries can develop into more arrests and the perks with them
•             Recognize Escort/Decoy Vehicles and the awareness with them needed
•             Identify Currency seizure procedures and how they benefit your agency….AND MORE

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