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*BASIC DRUG INVESTIGATIONS: What Every Officer, New Investigator and New Detective Should Know   
-2 DAYS-

Course Overview:

This 2 day (16 hr.)course was developed to assist and train officers in the legal concepts to do traffic stops, and contacts of people on the street in possession of illegal drugs. The course goes into detail of the great number of illegal drugs found and seized throughout the Unites states. From small user-amounts to the smuggling of large amounts of these

After attending:

Each student attending will have been provided the instruction to:

  Understand Drug Interdiction better
· Learn and UNDERSTAND the History of contraband saturation into the U.S. and how over time the trends and patterns have shifted.

· Identify legal traffic stops

· Doing Consensual Encounters on the street

· Identifying indicators during traffic stops

· Understanding the Initial Encounter with a Suspect

· Conquering Consent issues

· The Legal concepts of Search and Seizure to locate the drugs

· Understand the pertinent case law

· Understand Very Detailed Drug identification in small user- amounts to large trafficking packages

· Identify search and seizure laws especially search incident to arrest, probable cause, and other legal techniques

· How actual search techniques should escalate

· Procedures of what to do after criminal activity or contraband is located

· Understand more than the basic Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamine drugs.
Learn and understand about: Fentanyl, 2CI, 2CE, GHB, Khat, PCP, Flakka, Molly, Liquid meth and much more identification

· How to safely handle and test these drugs.

· What to do after locating them

Who Should Attend:

Any and all officers from rookies to veteran officers who want to learn an incredible amount of information on one of the main reasons we in Law Enforcement are called to work: DRUGS

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